It's ACTober!

A month of celebration of the Arts Industry.
And your chance to help us support artists.
We welcome you to our newly branded Performers Support Fund of SA.

How You Can Help This ACTober

This year we have dedicated ourselves to obtaining DGR status and as we are in the middle of this process we are unfortunately unable to accept any donations this ACTober.

Instead we will be highlighting SA and NT artists carrying the torch for the Arts and direct you to the latest creative ventures you can witness, now that the doors are open again!

The Arts Industry is calling you to join us!

Support and celebrate creativity and resilience by attending local theatre productions, dance, art galleries and film events.

Local Projects You Can Support Now

aGender - The Agenda of Gender
A series of portrait paintings profiling individuals who have been advocates and change-makers for issues that many believe to be continuing gender-based outdated social perspectives. The series of paintings will champion gender-based activist's in order to support and shed light on harmful gender norms. This work aims to offer a perspective, one not often seen, of people who have dedicated their time, pain and passion to making a difference to our collective humanity. The themes of the project will explore a series of hot issues including: female genital mutlilation, sexual violence and war, domestic violence and family abuse, gender identity, toxic masculinity, men’s mental health, and workplace discrimination.
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Salt Festival 2021
Over 10 days from April 16 to 25, SALT Festival 2021 hosted by the communities of Southern Eyre Peninsula South Australia features a full program of local and visiting performers, artists, comedians, thought leaders, writers and innovators.
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Ngutu is a model for the seamless integration of Aboriginal knowledge and the Arts within the K-12 Australian curriculum. Children and young people have access to associated creative and expressive disciplines of design, sustainability, technology, numeracy and literacy.
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Whats On In SA & NT